Best Monitor for 3D Modeling in 2023

Graphic designing or 3D Modeling is an exciting field to pick. But it requires some special equipment to get the work done professionally. The 3D animation, logo designing, image or video editing tasks are visually demanding and require a dedicated monitor and built-in features to gain an advantage.

Therefore, we have tested and reviewed some of the best monitors for 3D Modeling that are compelling enough to support heavy 3D software and tools. It allows you to perform your tasks without any potential compromises and effort.

Here is a detailed review of the best budget monitor for 3D Modeling that you can trust and invest in.

1. BenQ EX3501R

BenQ EX3501R Monitor

BenQ steps forward to cater to everyone’s needs and thus comes with this 34-inch curved monitor, perfect for performing 3D Modeling or designing tasks. The huge screen gives you plenty of room to plot, edit, analyze, and preview the content before finalizing.

Moreover, the matte display surface is an appealing spec that wouldn’t disturb you with light or object reflection on the screen, eventually ensuring clear and crisp content on display. Besides, the ultra-slim bezel further extends the screen, and the 21:9 aspect ratio provides immense screen depth for the 3D assignments.

Whether to work on digital tasks or printing, the monitor offers 3440 by 1440 resolution with high pixel density speed to provide quality visuals while ensuring next-level accuracy. The color production and brightness level are also on-point to professionally perform color-sensitive tasks without any hassle.

This best monitor for 3D printing will never disappoint you with the connectivity inputs, thus including USB-C, HDMI, USB 3.1, and DisplayPort for flexible pairing. USB-C helps speedy data transfer and charging to keep you hooked with your work without compromising anything. Furthermore, 100Hz refresh rate and zero flickers technology keep the display smooth for editing or designing.

• HDR support to balance display specs
• Smooth gaming experience
• Low blue light mode
• USB-C support
• Wide viewing angles
Limited height adjustability and no swivel

2. LG 27QN880-B

LG 27QN880-B monitor

Thank God LG made some thoughtful categories for their monitors and made the finding process easy for all its users. After the best monitor for photo editing and best budget monitors for regular use, LG has a range of monitors for 3D Modeling. All the built-in display specs for designing or visually demanding tasks are worth trying.

LG 27QN880-B is one of the best IPS monitors with a 27-inch screen size and HDR 10 compatibility. This iconic combination provides a seamless working experience with an extensive screen, excellent color availability with stunning accuracy, and wide viewing angles. Since working on 3D tasks is not a piece of cake and demands previewing from every angle; thus, the IPS panel along with slim bezels will be a great aid.

The monitor display is perfect for designing, editing, or 3D Modeling, featuring 1440p resolution and 99% color gamut coverage. Other specs include a high contrast ratio for deep blacks and accurate whites, HDR10 support for realistic color delivery, and USB-C input are thoughtful additions.

You can also enjoy 3D gaming on LG 27QN880-B monitor by pairing gaming consoles. The impressive refresh rate and low input lag, along with AMD Free Sync compatibility, ensure smooth gaming performance.

• Excellent Ergonomics
• Legitimate color accuracy
• HDR10 support
• USB-C input
• Subtle yet border-less design
Limited connectivity options

3. Philips 276E8VJSB

Philips 276E8VJSB monitor

Philips 276E8VJSB 27-inch monitor has everything you need for visually demanding work. The monitor is powerful enough t support heavy 3D Modeling software and flexible enough to pair with printing devices to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Apart from impressive display quality, the monitor throws an elegant and appealing look with a slim design and narrow display. The image depth will help you analyze the object with fine details. Thanks to the IPS display technology, the wide viewing angle will keep the gradation, color, and other display specs intact while analyzing from different angles.

Moreover, this best budget monitor for 3D Modeling features 4K UHD resolution, which means 2160 pixels will be working on display to sharpen the image and ensure next-level accuracy. Besides, the 10-bit IPS panel produces more than 10.4 billion colors for stunning gradation and detailing.

The built-in flicker-free technology reduces eye fatigue, promoting long working hours without harming the eyes. Besides, the monitor is HDMI-ready to help you pair with various external devices like 3D printers, gaming consoles, and others to get the job done quickly.

• 4K UHD resolution
• Multi-view technology
• Slim and elegant design
• High contrast ratio
• Excellent image depth with 10-bit color production
• Refresh rate limited to 60Hz
• Lack of USB-C


SAMSUNG UE57 monitor

Samsung is undoubtedly a trustworthy brand for monitors and electronic devices. This UE57 monitor is another piece of art featuring appealing built-in qualities, let alone the 4K display delivering lifelike colors and stunning details.

Samsung UE57 comes with 28-inch widescreen with slim bezels and a sophisticated design. Its matte finishing flat surface keeps your focus on the screen and does not disturb you with unnecessary reflections. Besides, the monitor offers a premium watching experience in HD picture quality and 4K resolution. The image clarity and sharpness with 8 million pixels will help the users with next-level 3D Modeling and graphic designing.

Moreover, other built-in features play a vital role in keeping the display smooth and ready to perform professional animation and design tasks. With AMD Free Sync and 1ms response time, the monitor syncs the refresh rate, so you wouldn’t feel any motion blur during working.

For connectivity, Samsung includes a pair of HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort to pair external devices. However, the lack of a USB-C port was a disappointment for us. Also, the PiP 2.0 function support maintains the monitors’ original resolution boosts your productivity, and lets you open multiple windows simultaneously.

• 4K HD resolution
• 1ms response time
• 1 billion colors on display
• Eye saver mode
• Best budget monitor for 3D Modeling
• Limited refresh rate
• No USB-C

5. Sceptre E275B-FPT168

Sceptre E275B-FPT168 monitor

27-inch screen size featuring IPS panel to extend the viewing angles and enhance the display resolution is GodSend device to conduct animation and designing assignments. Testing the Sceptre E275B-FPT168 27-inch monitor was fun because it is a complete package for digital artists who can’t afford settlements while working.

Its eye-soothing design completely immerses you in the display that 1080p and 165Hz refresh rate has to offer. The IPS panel also plays its part in ensuring sharp visibility with billions of colors on board. Fast and accurate pixel response also enhances the fast-moving scenes while eliminating ghosting or blurring.

All the specs work along to provide a seamless experience. The monitor’s heart is powerful enough to support heavy 3D software. The AMD Free Sync support with a low input lag delivers a smooth 3D gaming experience. Hence, the monitor is not only attractive from the outside with all the sophisticated design and ergonomics, but the built-in qualities will also inspire you.

However, the monitor is also designed solely for work purposes. You can enjoy streaming and gaming while taking all the benefits of stunning display quality. The built-in speakers will keep you entertained throughout your entertainment sessions, and the blue light shift protects your eyes from the harmful screen rays.

• No motion blurs
• 1080p resolution
• Wide viewing angles
• Built-in speakers
• Rich connectivity

Best Monitor for 3D Modeling- Buying Guide

Finding the best monitor for 3D Modeling is not a piece of cake, especially in this competitive era where the brands’ marketing tactics are enough to manipulate you. Monitors combine many hardware and features that might confuse one, especially beginners.

Therefore, this valuable article will highlight some of the core features you might need if you get a monitor for 3D Modeling or any visually demanding field, like graphic designing or photo editing. So, let’s briefly dig into the formalities and inner world of the monitor.

Why are you Getting a Monitor?

Before making a monitor purchase, the first thing is to ask yourself about a purpose. Why are you getting a monitor, and what kind of tasks are you hoping to perform? It will make things easier for you because you will jump to the monitor that offers certain qualities your work demands.

For example: if your work is mainly digital, you should focus on the screen quality like contrast, brightness, resolution, refresh rate, etc. A 4K monitor and high color gamut coverage will help you create a competing task because the end-user might be watching your work on them. So, compatibility matters while showcasing your work.

Moreover, fast response time and a high refresh rate (144hz at least) also prove to be a great help because it fastens the screen performance while eliminating any unnecessary lag.

Panel Technology

The next thing that matters is panel technology. Suppose you happen to choose the IPS panel. It can be a littlepricy but offers the best color quality and wide viewing angles. However, VA offers terrible viewing angles; still, the image depth, color quality, and contrast ratio are worth appreciating. At last, TN panels should not be your priority for 3D Modeling as it is designed for regular usage.

Your decision should be according to your usage, work requirements, and budget.

Display Surface

You can find Glossy or Matte finishing display surfaces when stepping into the market. You may not find this factor necessary in buying a monitor for regular use. But it holds significant importance for visually demanding work. No matter how much glossy ones attract you, you have to avoid them at any cost for conducting professional 3D Modeling assignments.

First, the glossy surface can distract you while working, or worse, it throws reflection on the screen, making it hard to understand the work demand. Matte surfaces are preferable for such tasks because they bounce back the reflections to make the image quality clear and a display smooth as possible.

Connectivity inputs

Professionals prefer a monitor with lots of inputs because it saves them the hassle of pairing external devices and recharging.

So, never settle with a monitor that lacks USB or HDMI inputs. USB-C would be a great addition because this single port will offer you multiple benefits like transferring data at high speed, charging, or pairing smart devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a curved monitor good for 3D Modeling?

Every graphic designer should prefer the curved display due to its comprehensive field view quality. It won’t get your eyes tired even after the long hour of usage and offers a great depth to perform 3D Modeling.

Do designers need 4K monitors?

4K resolution means there will be more pixels on display to enhance and sharpen your image quality. So, designers must use at least 4K resolution while conducting image-critical tasks.

What monitors do animators use?

Animators and graphics designers always look for maximum resolution, rich color production, and a range of connectivity options while choosing the monitor. They want to experience the best possible performance to achieve their complex tasks smartly.

Are Gaming Monitors good for graphic design?

Gaming monitors can make the ideal display for graphic designers. Such monitors are equipped with exceptional image detailing, a high refresh rate, and a fast response time for smooth gameplay.


When we talk about creativity, it unfolds lots of digital fields where you can showcase your hidden talent. But, of course, you cannot get a separate device for different fields. So, it is better to invest in an all-rounder monitor that tends to support specialized hardware for every possible task.

Hence, all the monitors mentioned above are perfect for visually demanding tasks, like 3D Modeling or graphic designing. You can read the detailed honest reviews and choose the one that perfectly suits your budget and requirements.

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