CS-Go Mouse Goes to Other Monitor [Fixes]

So, while playing Counter-Strike, your mouse cursor goes to the other monitor, and you cannot help it?

Well, don’t get worried, you are not alone to face this issue, a majority of the CS-Go users are reporting this issue in different online gaming forums.

Thus, we have compiled this complete step-by-step post, in which we will show you how you can avoid the cursor from going to the other monitor, and lock it in the same monitor efficiently.

That being said, let’s jump into the matter.

Fixing Mouse from Going to Other Monitor in Counter-Strike

Moving the mouse quickly across the screen during the CS-Go closed the game for some people, which is kind of annoying, as no one wants to be disturbed amidst a game.

Luckily, there are a couple of handy fixes that you can do to get rid of this issue and enjoy your games better than ever.

Razer Synapse Reinstallation

A majority of the users including myself faced this issue and uninstalling, and reinstalling the Razer Synsape resolved this issue for us. So, if you are using Sysnape, before moving any further, give it a try, and check out whether it resolves the issue for you or not.

Here are the Steps for Uninstalling & Reinstalling Razer Synapse:

  • Go to the Control Panel, look around for the Razer Synapse, and click on the uninstall button.
  • Afterward, go to the manufacturer’s website, and download the latest version of the software, and check out whether it resolves the issue for you or not.

Playing in Full-Screen

If you are playing the CS-Go in borderless windowed, then it’s a common issue that with a flick, the screen gets closed, and the game quits. So, you have to play the game on Full screen. For this, go to Display settings of the game, and choose Full Screen.

Locking the Mouse Into a Single Monitor

Another method you can try to avoid quitting the game is to use a third-party tool, that can lock the monitor into a single monitor.

Here are the Steps for Locking Screen in a Single Monitor:

  • Download the Dual Monitor Tools from the official website.
  • After downloading, install the tool, and go to the setup wizard.
  • Go to Options>Cursor>Lock Screen.
  • Now, you have successfully locked the screen on your monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CS-Go?

Counter-Strike or CS-Go is a third-person shooting game like IGI, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield.

Why Does My Mouse Go to Other Monitor While Playing CS?

Well, most of the time, it happens due to borderless windowed. However, sometimes, it can also happen due to problematic GPU drivers on-board.

Can I Lock the Monitor From Going to Other Monitor in Counter-Strike?

Yes, you can lock the screen from going to the other monitor. Above, in the last step, we have mentioned the complete method that you need to follow for locking the monitor in CS.


Mouse flickering, and terminating the game is a common issue that a vast majority of the Counter-Strike users face, it’s a very embarrassing situation, and people don’t know much to do in such kinds of situations.

Thus, we have compiled this step-by-step guide, in which we have posted different methods that you can use for getting rid of this issue.

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