Fixing Display 2 Isn’t Active on Windows 10

If you are tired of fixing Display 2 Isn’t Active on Windows 10 issue on your PC, and you could not find an appropriate fix for this problem, then you have landed on the right page.

Display Isn’t active is quite a common problem on Windows 10, and it can come out of nowhere. You can face this issue primarily due to a poor video connection between your CPU & monitor or a software-related issue.

Below, we have compiled a complete list of solutions that you can try to fix this issue for you very easily.

Enough bluffing, let’s check out the process.

Steps for Fixing Display 2 isn’t Active

Instead of posting just a single solution for this issue, we have compiled a complete step-by-step guide that you can follow to resolve the Display 2 isn’t detected issue. We have listed all these steps in proper order. So, you can diagnose the issue with minimum efforts

1. Unplugged Power Cord

People find it surprising that an unplugged power cord can also cause the display isn’t detected issue. Well, unlike the VGA monitors, the HDMI monitors can light up the hibernate light using the power from the power cord.

Check out if the power cord is pulled out of the monitor, and if it is pulled out of the monitor, then simply replugging it into the monitor can fix the issue for you, and save you from further hassle.

Otherwise, move on to the next steps.

2. Faulty Display Cable

Another major problem that can cause the display isn’t an active problem on your monitor is the faulty display cable.

Try replacing the display cable on your monitor, and we would also recommend choosing another type of display cable. For example, if you were previously using an HDMI cable, use a Displayport cable this time to rule out the issue of a faulty display cable.

3. Faulty Graphics Card

There is no surprise that a faulty graphics card can cause this issue, as it’s a direct display problem. However, there are some quick fixes that you can try before trying to replace the graphics card.

Firstly, you can switch the display cable into another port of the graphics card. Secondly, you can take out the graphics card, and clean the graphics card, and the graphics card port with the help of a blower, and then reinsert it.

4. Updating Drivers

Just like the display hardware, the display drivers can also malfunction, and cause the display hasn’t detected a problem. Resolving the software-related problems is a bit easier as compared to the hardware issue.

Try checking if you have an update available for your graphics card drivers. If there are no updates available. Then, you have to uninstall the older drivers, and install a fresh copy of the display drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Causes the Display 2 Isn’t Active on Windows 10?

Display 2 Isn’t Active on Windows 10 can be caused by unplugging of power cable, poor display cable, outdated drivers, and malfunctioned graphics card. Above, we have also provided you with all the steps that you can follow to fix this issue very easily.

Can the GPU Cause the Display 2 Isn’t Active Problem?

Yes, this problem can also arise due to a faulty graphics card. Either if the display out port of the PC is faulty or the graphics card itself is faulty, both of these situations can cause the monitor not to work.

Can Unplug of Power Cable Cause Hibernating Issue?

Hell Yes, people believe that if the hibernating light is on, then the monitor is getting the power, well, it’s not the case, as the Displayport, or HDMI cable can also light up the hibernating light on the monitor. And, to your surprise, people often forget this, which causes them extra time troubleshooting the issue.


Fixing Display 2 Isn’t Active on Windows 10 isn’t a very common issue, and surprisingly there is not a proper guide available for this solution online too.

This issue arises when you have a poor connection between your PC, and the monitor, especially the display cable. Also, this issue can arise due to unplugging on the power cable, which can hibernate your PC.

Therefore, we have compiled a complete step-by-step guide for this purpose. You can easily fix the Display 2 Isn’t Active issue on Windows 10 by following this guide.

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